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Our Lady of America Message

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Brief Summary

In the 1950's until the late 20th century The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a nun named Sister Mary Ephrem (later Mildred Neuzil) with the message that the people of America, and in particular the United States, should dedicate their lives to her purity. The Blessed Virgin Mary asked Sister Mary Ephrem to draw a picture of how she appeared to her on September 26, 1956, and asked that a statue be made of this likeness which is to be solemnly carried in procession and placed in the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C.. She wants to be honored their as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin and for it to be a place of special pilgrimage. She also asked that a picture or statue of how she appeared to Sister Mary Ephrem on September 26, 1956, to be placed in every Christian home to be honored and venerated. Sister Mary Ephrem's apparitions received the approval of Monsignor Paul F. Leibold  who was her spiritual director at the time and later became the Archbishop of Cincinnati. In 2007, Cardinal Raymond Burke submitted a positive letter on this matter.



The following lines were written by a religious Sister, Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), from her cloister cell. She was professed as a religious in 1933. Exteriorly she was much like any other Sister in the Community, trying to be faithful to the Rule and the religious practices of the Community. She received her assignments to work in various houses, mostly in domestic work. From 1951 to 1954 she taught kindergarten classes in a parish school and enjoyed very much working with the little ones.

About 1938 she began to have what seemed like mystical experiences. They may be described as flights of the spirit, interior locutions, etc. Having these did not disturb nor overawe her in any way. In fact, by her own admission she thought they were a common thing to all religious.

In 1948 these experiences were brought to the attention of her confessor. He prudently advised her to be very cautious, lest it be a case of an overactive imagination. The experiences became more vivid and the messages more pressing. She considered seriously entering a cloister, perhaps to find her fulfillment of God's Will there. But various events indicated otherwise. Finally, her own Community established a cloistered group within the active, and in May 1958 she was permitted to enter this cloister.

These supernatural happenings, referred to above, included many things that concerned only her own personal spiritual life: special espousals with Christ, designation as the Little White Dove, etc. During all this time there were no external signs that she was different from any other member of the Community.

After some years she began to write down briefly the happenings during these occasions of special communication with God. These were read by one of the other priest to whom she had gone for direction, and in general they never found in them anything contrary to faith and morals, nor anything to indicate mental debility. On the contrary, some points, especially the great emphasis on the Indwelling of the Blessed Trinity, showed a theological understanding beyond what this Sister had been able to obtain from her regular courses in Religion.

Finally, in 1954 these visits took on the nature of a specific program of special devotion to Mary which this Sister was commanded to propagate. In fulfillment of these expressions of Our Lady which this Sister is convinced Mary wants her to carry out, she has set down in writing this Message of Mary, who presents herself here as Our Lady of America. Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil) died on January 10, 2000 in Fostoria, OH.

Nihil Obstat: Daniel Pilarczyk, S.T.D.

Imprimatur: †Paul F. Leibold, V.G.

Cincinnati, OH – January 25, 1963

The Diary of Our Lady of America as written by Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil)



Our Lord often spoke to me in the past, and already in the early 1940's it was made known to me interiorly that my mission was to converge towards the sanctification of the family. I was not further enlightened at that time as to how this was to be accomplished. In the year 1954, however, Our Lord addressed the following words to me. As they coincided in every way with Our Lady's message concerning the spiritual renewal of souls, I have placed them at the beginning of this manuscript.


Our Lord’s words, May 22, 1954:


"My little white dove, if the world is dying, it is because it will not let Me give it life "I am the resurrection and the life, and unless souls seek their life in Me, they will find only death and destruction "They fear man-made destroyers of life, yet destruction is in themselves. Man destroys himself through the evil that is in himself. "Implements of war kill only that which is without. Man kills that within himself which none but he can kill. "God is light, man is darkness, and unless he comes into the light, he will be forever darkness." The Voice of My Heart is the Voice of Mercy. If man will not listen, there is no more I can do, for he ties My hands."


May 29, 1954:


“My Heart beats with compassion for the sorrows of man. Oh, how gladly would I help him bear the weight of his terrible cross, fashioned, for the most part, by his own guilt! But alas, he will have none of My help. So I am forced to stand by the side of the road and watch him struggle hopelessly in his agony. "O man, what have I done to you that you should refuse My aid? My little white dove, do you know what I find most lacking in the world today? It is FAITH. There are so few souls that believe in Me and My love. They profess their belief and their love, but they do not live this belief. Their hearts are cold, for without faith there can be no love. “Pray and sacrifice yourself, My child, that faith may once again find entrance into the hearts of men.”

July 11, 1954:


"My daughter, I am not loved in the homes of men. And because I am not loved, the Divine Trinity refuses to dwell therein. "Children are not taught to love Me, because those who have charge over them have no time or patience to do so "My Heart grieves over My children in the world. Their hearts are being drawn farther and farther away from Me. They will not even listen to My Mother, because they have never been taught to listen. “I am a Beggar for love, but how few give to Me the means by which to satisfy My divine hunger. I hunger for the love of My own, and I receive only the crumbs no other would accept. "My Father is angry. If My children will not listen to My Heart, which is a Voice of mercy and instruction, punishment will come swiftly and none shall be able to stay it. The pleadings of My Heart have held back the divine justice about to descend on an ungrateful and sinful generation. “Woe to parents who set a bad example to their children! Terrible will be their judgment. I will demand a strict account of every soul entrusted to their care. “Woe to parents who teach their children how to gain materially in this world and neglect to prepare them for the next! "Woe to children who disobey and show disrespect towards their parents! "’Honor thy father and thy mother.’ On this shall they be judged most severely."


July 12, 13, 14, 1954:


"Blessed are the homes that honor My Name and the Name of My Father "Blessed are the homes where I am loved, for there the Holy Trinity dwells. “Blessed are the parents and children who have made a home for God in their hearts. "Little secretary of My Heart, write these instructions for the sanctification of My people. “My Father’s house is a house of prayer, and you have made it a den of thieves "My children, every home and every soul is My Father's house, for He made them and they are His. But many of them are no longer sanctified by His Presence. Thieves have entered in and stolen from Him His temples of prayer. It is you, My children, who have let them in. If, My children, you will cleanse your temples, My Father will return and We will come and make our abode with you. "Return, My people, for My Heart hungers and thirsts for your love. If you will not return, the just anger of My Father will descend upon you. What would you--My love or My Father's anger? Choose, and as you choose, so shall it be done. I will not force your free will, for that is yours to use as you desire."

The next incident took place in the fall of the year 1954, when I was stationed at a different house of the Congregation. I do not remember the exact date, as I did not intend ever saying anything about it. I was sitting in the room next to the kitchen with the intention of saying some of my prayers. Almost at the very moment I began to pray, I saw an Angel. I knew this immediately, although the apparition did not reveal itself as such until later. I saw the Angel standing before me towards the left. He was dressed in a white robe or garment, which was perfectly plain and perfectly white. The whiteness of his robe stood out against the darkness about him. It was like a light in the midst of darkness. He was holding a green palm and a drawn sword in his left hand, the tips of both palm and sword resting against his left shoulder. I saw all this at a glance. The Angel said to me, "Receive the palm of victory.” I became suspicious. I could not think of any victory of mine that deserved such a reward. Besides, it sounded a bit like flattery to me. I have always been wary of words of praise; they put me on my guard. Why was the palm not given to someone else more deserving of it than I? So I shook my head and resolutely went back to my prayers. But the Angel would not go. He spoke again, "You do not believe me. Will you accept the cross?" For me this struck more nearly home. I said, "Yes, I will accept the cross." To this he replied, "Then you will accept the palm and the sword. With the sword the saints conquered themselves, the world, and the devil. I am the Angel of Peace. I come to those whose hearts are attuned to the Voice of God. To such as these I remain a perpetual light through blinding darkness. I was sent by Him who said, 'I am the Light of the world.' "Later it was made known to me that the Angel of Peace was St. Michael.


On November 8, 1954, a short time after the visit of the Angel of Peace, Our Lady spoke to me in these words: "It is the wish of my Son that fathers and mothers strive to imitate me and my chaste spouse in our holy life at Nazareth. We practiced the simple virtues of family life, Jesus our Son being the center of all our love and activity. The Holy Trinity dwelt with us in a manner far surpassing anything that can ever be imagined. For ours was the earthly paradise where once again God walked among men. "As in our little home no sin was to be found, so it is the wish of the Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart that sin should, as far as possible, be unheard of in the homes of our children "The Divine Trinity will dwell in your midst only if you are faithful in practicing the virtues of our life at Nazareth. Then, you also, my children, you also will become another paradise. God will then walk among you and you will have peace. "I need your help to bring peace into the world. Do not disappoint me."


The next incident happened at another mission where I was sent the following year. This date was recorded as November 20, 1955. I found myself in a half-sleeping and half-waking state, which I had often experienced before. It gave one the strange effect of being in two worlds. I find no other way to explain this state. I entered a small room, strange and unknown to me. As I was looking around in a rather bewildered fashion, I sensed another presence in the room. I turned toward the doorway, and confronting me was an angel. He was dressed in white, but his garments were arranged in a different manner from those of St. Michael. Although the room was very light, I saw a bright halo surrounding his head. His arms were extended, bent at the elbows, his fingers pointing upwards. A sort of supernatural dread came over me. I knelt down, then asked him, "Who are you?” He replied, "I am the Angel Gabriel. I have come to tell you that Our Lord is pleased with your effort to do good. He asks that you go to His Mother and learn great purity of heart.” I awakened gradually. The image of the Angel was so impressed upon my mind that he was as a living person beside me.


In the fall of 1956 I was sent to help out at one of our larger institutions. It was at this place that the official visits of Our Lady began, and the special mission entrusted to me revealed. The following is the account of these visits as it was written at that time: On the eve of the feast of the North American Martyrs, September 25, 1956, as I was making the Holy Hour from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., I was conscious of the distinct and special feeling of the presence of Our Lady. She stood by my side and spoke to me. I felt, rather than saw her, though I did see a part of her white gown and a small portion of her blue sash. I was under the impression that she came as Our Lady of Lourdes, and she herself confirmed this. Our Lady promised that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima would be granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we would do as she desires. These are the words she spoke to me at this time: "I am pleased, my child, with the love and honor my children in America give to me, especially through my glorious and unique privilege of the Immaculate Conception. I promise to reward their love by working through the power of my Son's Heart and my Immaculate Heart miracles of grace among them. I do not promise miracles of the body, but of the soul." Our lady emphasized this very much. She is anxiously concerned about our inner life. She continued: "For it is mainly through these miracles of grace that the Holy Trinity is glorified among men and nations. Let America continue and grow in its love for me, and I in return, in union with the Heart of my Son, promise to work wonders in her. My child, I desire that this be known." The next morning, the feast of the North American Martyrs, Mass had just been concluded and the Community thanksgiving was almost over. There were a few minutes left when suddenly Our Lady appeared before me, enveloped in a soft glow of light. I knew with unmistakable certainty that it was she, though she did not speak immediately. What I noticed was the smile on Our Lady's beautiful countenance and the lily she held in her right hand. She wore a white veil reaching almost to the waist and a mantle and robe of pure white with not a single decoration of any kind. An oblong-shaped clasp or brooch held the ends of the mantle together at the top. It was all gold, as was the high and brilliant crown which she wore. Her hair and her eyes seemed of medium brown. Her feet were bare, but these I did not always see, as they were sometimes covered by the moving clouds on which Our Lady stood. She continued to smile. Then I saw her heart appear, encircled with red roses, the symbol of suffering as it was revealed to me, and sending forth flames of fire. With her left hand Our Lady seemed to be holding up slightly the upper part of her mantle, so that her Immaculate Heart could be seen. Then solemnly and distinctly, in calm yet majestic tones, I heard these words: "I am Our Lady of America. I desire that my children honor me, especially by the purity of their lives." She was very beautiful and her smile held me. But I became conscious of the fact that the other Sisters were leaving the chapel, and I, too, had to go as obedience directed me. I said to Our Lady, "Please forgive me, Mother, Our Lady understood, but she did not leave me. When I entered my room, she was there waiting for me. Then I noticed the green color of the lily stem in her hand and the white sash or belt which she wore around her waist. It seemed to be made of the same material as the robe. It was narrow, very narrow, and no ends of it could be seen at all. As I had to hurry about my tasks, I could not give Our Lady all the attention I longed to, but every now and then I would direct a glance of love toward her. Our Lady stood there smiling as I had seen her in the chapel. All that day I was conscious of Our Lady's presence in a very special manner, in a way that was distinctly new to me. On the afternoon of the same day, during the last half of the Holy Hour between 4:00 and 5:00, the Immaculate Virgin spoke to me at length in these words: “My child, I entrust you with this message that you must make known to my children in America. I wish it to be the country dedicated to my purity. The wonders I will work will be the wonders of the Soul. They must have faith and believe firmly in my love for them. I desire that they be the children of my Pure Heart. I desire, through my children of America, to further the cause of faith and purity among peoples and nations. Let them come to me with confidence and simplicity, and I, their Mother, will teach them to become pure like to my Heart that their own hearts may be more pleasing to the Heart of my Son." Our Blessed Mother called herself Our Lady of America in response to the love and desire that reached out for this special title in the hearts of her children in America. This title was the sign of her pleasure at the confidence our land places in her and as a reward for its staunch and childlike devotion to her. Her children longed for this personal visit of Our Lady, whether consciously or otherwise, and in her kindness and mercy she responded far beyond all expectations. Though she came in this manner as a token of her love for us, nevertheless Our Lady of America welcomes her children of all nations to her feet, for there will be found true peace. So she has given me to understand, and such are her desires as she revealed them to me, Our Lady, moreover, often emphasized her desire that the Shrine in Washington, D.C., be made a place of special pilgrimage. She wishes to be honored there as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin. After this date I saw Our Lady frequently. She seemed anxious to impress me with the truth and importance of her appearance.

On September 27, 1956, Our Lady again appeared to me while I was at prayer. She held the world in her hands. From her eyes tears were flowing upon it, as though she longed to cleanse it from its guilt. It was then that I heard these words filled with sorrow and longing: "Behold, O my children, the tears of your Mother! Shall I weep in vain? Assuage the sorrow of my Heart over the ingratitude of sinful men by the love and chasteness of your lives. Will you do this for me, beloved children, or will you allow your Mother to weep in vain? I come to you, O children of America, as a last resort. I plead with you to listen to my voice. Cleanse your souls in the Precious Blood of My Son. Live in His Heart, and take me in that I may teach you to live in great purity of heart which is so pleasing to God. Be my army of chaste soldiers, ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of your souls. I am the Immaculate One, Patroness of your land. Be my faithful children as I have been your faithful Mother. “These are my words, O my daughter. Make them known to my children. “I desire to make the whole of America my shrine by making every heart accessible to the love of my Son.''

In early October, 1956, about a week after Our Lady's first appearance, St. Joseph, though I did not see him at this time, spoke to me the following words: "It is true my daughter, that immediately after my conception, I was, through the future merits of Jesus and because of my exceptional role of future Virgin Father, cleansed from the stain of original sin. “I was from that moment confirmed in grace and never had the slightest stain on my soul. This is my unique privilege among men. "My pure heart also was from the first moment of existence inflamed with love for God. Immediately, at the moment when my soul was cleansed from original sin, grace was infused into it in such abundance that, excluding my holy spouse, I surpassed the holiness of the highest angel in the angelic choir. “My heart suffered with the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Mine was a silent suffering, for it was my special vocation to hide and shield as long as God willed, the Virgin Mother and Son from the malice and hatred of men. “The most painful of my sorrows was that I knew beforehand of their passion, yet would not be there to console them." Their future suffering was ever present to me and became my daily cross. I became, in union with my holy spouse, co-redemptor of the human race. Through compassion for the sufferings of Jesus and Mary I co-operated, as no other, in the salvation of the world."


On October 5, 1956, I felt suddenly urged to write a prayer to Our Lady, Patroness of our land. I knelt by the little table in my room, and as I did so Our Lady came to me. She stood at my right side very close to me. Though I did not hear any words, the thoughts came into my mind one after the other, and I wrote without stopping until the prayer was finished. Then Our Lady disappeared.

Following is the account of Our Lady's next visit, which occurred on October 13, 1956: Today the Holy Virgin appeared to me as I was working in my room. Our Lady was very beautiful, and she was again smiling in her heavenly way. She was dressed in the same manner as when I first saw her, except that her Immaculate Heart did not appear. Instead of the lily, she held with both hands a small replica of the finished Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. She then began to speak. Her presence overwhelmed me with its holiness. I was compelled to stop my work, for it was impossible to go on. I then knelt down and wrote Our Lady's words as she desired: "This is my shrine, my daughter. I am very pleased with it. Tell my children I thank them. Let them finish it quickly and make it a place of pilgrimage. It will be a place of wonders. I promise this, I will bless all those who, either by prayers, labor, or material aid, help to erect this shrine."


On the morning of November 15, 1956, Our Lady taught me this little prayer: "By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.” Our Lady then asked me to draw a picture of her first appearance. She also requested a statue made according to this likeness and placed, after being solemnly carried in procession, in the Shrine of The Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. She wishes to be honored there in a special way as Our Lady of America, the Immaculate Virgin.


From January 1957 to 1958, Our Lady's warnings came to me again and again. These are her words spoken in January 1957: "The hour grows late. My Son's patience will not last forever. Help me hold back His anger, which is about to descend on sinful and ungrateful men. Suffering and anguish, such as never before experienced, is about to overtake mankind. It is the darkest hour. But if men will come to me, my Immaculate Heart will make it bright again with the mercy which my Son will rain down through my hands. Help me save those who will not save themselves. Help me bring once again the sunshine of God's peace upon the world." To my spiritual director I was asked to send this message: “Hurry, my son, for the time is short but the punishment will be long, and for many, forever. Tell the Bishops of the United States, my loyal sons, of my desires and how I wish them to be carried out. Through him who is head over you, make known the longings of my Immaculate Heart to establish the reign of my Divine Son in the hearts of men and thus save them from the scourge of heaven, both now and hereafter." Our Lady, again addressing herself to me, spoke sadly yet hopefully: "My daughter, will my children in America listen to my pleadings and console my Immaculate Heart? Will my loyal sons carry out my desires and thus help me bring the peace of Christ once again to mankind? 'Pray and do penance, my sweet child that this may come to pass. Trust me and love me; I so desire it. Do not forget your poor Mother, who weeps over the loss of so many of her children."


Our Lady, on the morning of February 3, 1957: "My Son asks of souls love, that true love willing to sacrifice itself for the One loved. Man fears to sacrifice himself because he is selfish. If souls would place themselves into my keeping, I would teach them the way of true love. If men truly loved my Son, they would not quarrel with each other and they would have peace in their own hearts. “Peace is from within, not from without. If mankind were at peace with itself, there would be peace in the world. Man will only have peace if he has in his heart that true love of neighbor that springs from a whole-hearted love for my Son. "My sweet child, if love does not have its roots implanted deeply within the soul, it will die out or be rooted up by the first storm that besets it. O child of my Pure Heart, tell my children to come to me and learn this true love of my Son, which is so necessary for their peace of soul." Sometime later the same day, Our Lady spoke again: "Reform of life is what I ask as the sign and proof of my children's love for me. God looks at the heart, and if it resembles the Heart of His Divine Son, it is with the greatest pleasure He regards it. ""But to make your hearts grow more and more like to the Heart of the Son, you must go to the Mother, whose heart is most like His. From this Pure and Immaculate Heart you will learn all that will make you more pleasing to the Divine Heart of the Son of God. The Holy Trinity looks down with infinite delight upon such souls and makes them Its heaven upon earth. “Come to me, my children, come to me and learn. There is much I would teach you. It is for your own happiness and eternal salvation. Do not disregard the voice of your Mother. It is the voice of love trying to save you from eternal ruin." In March of this same year, Our Lady spoke in the following manner: “O my sweet child, when will my desires be realized? My Immaculate Heart desires with great desire to see the kingdom of Jesus my Son established in all hearts. Now I have pleaded with my children to open their hearts to Him, but most are cold and indifferent. Has ever a mother shown more love and interest in her children's welfare than I have done? O my little one, daughter of my Pure Heart, you must pray with greater fervor and offer yourself with greater love to the Heart of my Son."


In April 1957, Our Lord's words contained this warning: “My sweet child, unless my children reform their lives, they will suffer great persecution. If man himself will not take upon himself the penance necessary to atone for his sins and those of others, God in His justice will have to send upon him the punishment necessary to atone for his transgressions."


On May 8, I was visited by the Archangel Michael, who spoke in these forceful words: "Write! I am Michael, Angel Captain of the Lord God of Hosts. I come to announce the coming of the kingdom, the kingdom of peace. The time is at hand. Repent, bestir yourselves, O sons of men, repent and make ready your hearts that the King may establish His Kingdom within you. Do not delay, or the time of grace will pass and with it the peace you seek. "Behold, the Queen of angels and of men comes beforehand to make all things ready for her King-Son. My little sister, the message is a clear one, there is no doubt. Make it known, do not hesitate. I, Michael, have spoken." In the evening of August 5, the feast of Our Lady of the Snow, as I knelt in my room, Our Lady spoke to me about the Divine Indwelling. It was her life and she lived it perfectly, always conscious of His presence, never forgetting that all her greatness came from within, from Him Who dwelt there, working, loving, and doing good through her. This is what Our Lady means when she speaks of reformation, renewal. It is this about which she is so concerned, namely sanctification from within. As Our Lady spoke this, she seemed at the time to be deeply occupied. Though the serenity of her countenance never left her, she spoke with a gravity that made her words all the more solemn. She seemed anxious to impress me with some idea of the greatness of this gift of God to us, namely, His Divine Presence within our souls through sanctifying grace.

Excerpts from Our Lady's address during her visit on the feast of the Immaculate Heart, August 22, 1957 “My heart, my Immaculate Heart, is the channel through which the graces of the Sacred Heart are given to men. “O my sweet child, time passes and with it wasted graces and constant refusals on the part of man to co-operate with me in the accomplishment of the Divine Will for his own sanctification and salvation. "What am I to do, child of my heart, when my children turn from me? The false peace of this world lures them and in the end will destroy them. They think they have done enough in consecrating themselves to my Immaculate Heart. It is not enough. That which I ask for and is most important many have not given me. What I ask, have asked, and will continue to ask is reformation of life. There must be sanctification from within. I will work my miracles of grace only in those who ask for them and empty their souls of the love and attachment to sin and all that is displeasing to my Son. Souls who cling to sin cannot have their hands free to receive the treasures of grace that I hold out to them. "Behold, my small one, so tenderly loved by your Mother, behold then my Heart pierced by a cruel sword! Oh, what grief my children have caused me! “My humble one, my small flower, we must have more souls who love, love unselfishly and without reserve. Who does anything who does not love? "I wish to gather about me, my tender child, soldier and valiant bearer of the torch, an army of brave lovers, who as my torchbearers will enkindle the fire of Divine Love in the souls of men. Only those who are strong in love can become my soldiers to bear aloft, not the sword of destruction, but the sword of fire, the flaming torch of Divine Charity. “My poor child, you have suffered much, but do not fear. Take courage, for soon a haven of rest will be given you--not a refuge from suffering and pain, but a nest of solitude for the little white dove, so dear to me and the Heart of my Son. "Patience, sweet child! The Will of the Father must be dearer to you than all else. This is the lesson every soul desiring intimate union with my Son must strive to learn. “This is enough now, small one. Other duties call you. Go in peace.” In the afternoon of the same day I received this directive from Our Lady: “Go to the Bishop. Tell him of the desires of my Heart. He will help you."

​Words of Our Lady as recorded under the dates of September 26-27, 1957: “My dear daughter, sweet child, write my words carefully, because they are of the utmost importance. I address them to my beloved sons, the priests, dedicated to the most intense and extraordinary imitation of my Son in the perfect carrying on of His Eternal Priesthood. "Beloved sons, so cherished and greatly blessed among the sons of men, be careful to uphold the sanctity and dignity of your calling. Let the faithful see in you the favored and especially loved imitators of the Son of God. Be modest in your dress and speech as becomes those of so exalted a vocation. The apparel and manners of a man of the world is not for you, who, though living in the world, must not take on its ways. "It is through you that the grace of the Sacraments is given to souls. Strive then to make yourselves more worthy receptacles to receive these graces and transmit them in turn to the souls under your care. “Dear sons, I ask you to practice self-denial and penance in a special manner, because it is you who must lead my children in the way of peace. Yet this peace will come only by way of the sword, the flaming sword of love. If, therefore, you love my Son and wish to honor me, heed my admonition and be the first to give the example of a life of penance and self-denial. Thus, by sanctification from within you, you will become a bright and burning light to the faithful, who look to you for help and guidance. “I am pleased, dearly beloved sons, by the honor and love you have until now accorded me. Will you now go further and honor me yet more by taking my words to your hearts and doing what I ask?''


On the evening of the feast of the Most Holy Rosary, October 7, 1957, Our Lady again appeared. Her hands were clasped in an attitude of prayer. Her look was serious, though her countenance retained its usual deep serenity. Hanging from her right hand was a blue rosary of a glass-like quality, I was conscious of the fact that what she was about to say to me was not only very grave but of the utmost importance. Our Lady reiterated in a similar manner her first warnings: "My beloved daughter, what I am about to tell you concerns in a particular way my children in America. Unless they do penance by mortification and self-denial and thus reform their lives, God will visit them with punishments hitherto unknown to them. "My child, there will be peace, as has been promised, but not until my children are purified and cleansed from defilement, and clothed thus with the white garment of grace, are made ready to receive this peace, so long promised and so long held back because of the sins of men. "My dear children, either you will do as I desire and reform your lives, or God Himself will need to cleanse you in the fires of untold punishment. You must be prepared to receive His great gift of peace. If you will not prepare yourselves, God will Himself be forced to do so in His justice and mercy. “Making the rosary a family prayer is very pleasing to me. I ask that all families strive to do so. But be careful to say it with great devotion, meditating on each mystery and striving to imitate in your daily lives the virtues depicted therein. Live the mysteries of the rosary as I lived them, and it will become a chain binding you to me forever. They who are found in the circle of my rosary will never be lost. I myself will lead them at death to the throne of my Son, to be eternally united to Him. '"Write these words upon your hearts, my dear children, because of the compassion I have for you in my Immaculate Heart. Oh, if you knew the punishments I am holding back from you by my pleading and intercession on your behalf! "Will you do as I wish at last, my children?''


Here is the account of November 22-23, 1957: Our dear Mother showed herself to me in a special way around 11:30 on the morning of November 22. The next day, a Saturday, the experience was more detailed as more was shown me, or perhaps I had not noticed details the day before. This vision of herself is very important, as it reveals Our Lady as she really and truly was, the Immaculate Tabernacle of the Indwelling God. Our Lady was standing on a globe, her right foot resting on a crescent or quarter moon, the left on the snout of a rather small and very ugly looking dragon. I saw fire come out of his huge jaws, but not very much, as he could not open them wide enough because of Our Lady's foot. At times he seemed to be somewhat black, again of a shade of green. Our Lady was all in white. Her veil was so long that it seemed to envelop the globe halfway. Sometimes the veil appeared so transparent that Our Lady's hair could be seen through it, and the hair seemed to be sparkling with the light of many glittering stars. At times the edges of the veil, sleeves, and garments seemed to be outlined in light. The veil was held about her head by a wreath of white roses. Her feet were bare. The previous day Our Lady had appeared with her hands outstretched. At this second visit she slowly raised them, then crossed them on her breast rather close to her waist. While doing so, she bent her head slightly forward, and it seemed that her eyes were closed, not just lowered. On her breast, as though through a veil, the Triangle and the Eye, which is often depicted as the symbol of the Divine Indwelling, could be visibly seen. I said that Our Lady's feet were bare, that is, devoid of any kind of footwear, but on each foot was a large white rose. The roses, both on the feet and on the crown, were of such dazzling whiteness that the outlines of the petals could barely be seen, sometimes not at all. It seemed that a strong beam of light streamed from the Divine Presence within Our Lady onto the globe at her feet. Then halfway around the figure of Our Lady above her head appeared a scroll on which were written in letters of gold the words: "All the glory of the King's daughter is within." Though it did not appear that her lips moved, yet I heard these words quite plainly: "I am Our Lady of the Divine Indwelling, handmaid of Him Who dwells within.” She seemed suffused in a soft glow of light that appeared to come from within her. It seemed to permeate and, as it were, saturate her whole being, even her apparel and the roses.


On the eve of February 11, 1958: “My Immaculate Heart will win in the end, and the Spirit of Christ will dwell in the hearts of men. Those in whom this Spirit is not found will be condemned to eternal hell-fire." The next day Our Lady spoke again: “My child, nothing is accomplished without pain. Prepare to suffer much. You see the sword in the Heart of your Mother. Suffering completed the work of divine grace in my soul. He who refuses to suffer will never abide in the Spirit of Christ, will never be formed into His image. “My sweet child, the Father will never recognize a soul as His own unless He sees in it the likeness of His beloved Son. Souls must attain to the perfection of the Father through the Spirit of the Son. "Beloved daughter, you wonder at the sword and the deep wound it has made in my Heart. It is the sword of grief plunged therein by my children who refuse to let me teach them the true way. There is only one true way to the Father, my child, only one way to eternal union. It is the way of the divine humanity. It is through my Son, the Only-begotten of the Father, that souls attain perfect union with the Divinity, as perfect as human nature is capable of, aided by divine grace. “But my children will not heed; they will not listen. Every other way they will take, but not this one. “I ask greater sacrifices of the most favored and beloved of my children. I ask in the Name and for the love of my Son, Who so desires this. "If I ask for reform of life, it is first from the chosen that I look for it. They must by the example of a sacrificial life lead the way for souls to union with Christ, honoring the Father by putting on His Spirit and His likeness in all things. "O my small one, beloved of my Son's Heart, prepare yourself by prayer, penance, and suffering for what is to come. “Your Mother has many more things to tell you, but this is enough for now. Take your rest now. I wish it. Good night, sweet child."


Towards evening of February 11, I heard these words addressed to me by Our Lady: “I am the Mother of the sacred humanity, and it is my special work as co-redemptrix of the human race to help souls reach the sanctity of the Father in eternal union by showing them how to put on Christ, to imbibe His Spirit, and thus become one with Him.''


Further accounts relating to the "mission" given me and to others closely connected with it: Our Lady made known to me that she is particularly interested in the youth of our nation. It is they who are to be the leaders of this movement of renewal on the face of the earth. Their ranks will be swelled by the youths of other nations whom Our Lady also calls to help in the accomplishment of this great renewal. But the youth must be prepared, and this must be done by instilling into them, not only the knowledge of the Divine Indwelling, but a serious study of It, living It in such a way that the Divine Presence becomes, as it were, an intimate and necessary part of their life and daily living. From this will flow a great love, a conflagration that will envelop the world in the flames of Divine Charity. This is what Our Lady is working for, because this is the great desire of her Divine Son, and it is to the youth of America that she is holding out this challenge. A medal which Our Lady asked to be made is to be their shield against evil, the picture or statue of Our Lady, the protection of the home, the statue at the Shrine in Washington, D.C., a special safeguard for our country. America, the United States in particular, is being given the tremendous, yet privileged, opportunity to lead all nations in a spiritual renewal never before so necessary, so important, so vital. St. Michael came to me one evening shortly after Our Lady's visit, holding an immense flaming torch. He held it towards me saying: “My little sister, you must carry this torch through the world." He came again the next night in the same manner. The next day I was interiorly enlightened during Mass. It was made known to me that those, particularly the youth, who are willing wholeheartedly to follow Our Lady in her great battle against evil would bear the special title of "Torchbearers of the Queen." This torch, of course, is Divine Love, for it is Love alone that will conquer hate and all that hate brings with it.

In regard to the medal that Our Lady requested to be made, I was told that as long as it bore the form of a shield, the medal itself could be of any shape desired. Around the image of Our Lady, as she appeared September 26, 1956, these words are to be engraved: "By thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil." 'Those who wear the medal with great faith and fervent devotion to Our Lady will receive the grace of intense purity of heart and the particular love of the Holy Virgin and her Divine Son. Sinners will receive the grace of repentance and the spiritual strength to live as true children of Mary. As in life, so in death, this blessed medal will be as a shield to protect them against the evil spirits, and St. Michael himself will be at their side to allay their fears at the final hour. The Coat-of-Arms Our Lady had inspired some years previously. I did not know at the time for what purpose it was to be used, and Our Lady did not enlighten me on it until much later. (For a detailed description of the medal bearing the Coat-of-Arms on the one side and the image of Our Lady of America on the other, see outside back cover) As mentioned before, Our Lady also requested a picture or statue of herself as she appeared on September 26, 1956, to be honored and venerated in every Christian Home.




On March 11, 1958, Our Lady said to me: "St. Joseph will come on the eve of his feast. Prepare yourself well. There will be a special message. My holy spouse has an important part to play in bringing peace to the world." St. Joseph came as was promised, and these are the words he spoke at this time: “Kneel down, my daughter, for what you will hear and what you will write will bring countless souls to a new way of life. “Through you, small one, the Trinity desires to make known to souls Its desire to be adored, honored, and loved within the kingdom, the interior kingdom of their hearts. “I bring to souls the purity of my life and the obedience that crowned it. “All fatherhood is blessed in me whom the Eternal Father chose as His representative on earth, the Virgin-Father of His own Divine Son. Through me the Heavenly Father has blessed all fatherhood, and through me He continues and will continue to do so till the end of time. “My spiritual fatherhood extends to all God's children, and together with my Virgin Spouse I watch over them with great love and solicitude. “Fathers must come to me, small one, to learn obedience to authority: to the Church always, as the mouthpiece of God, to the laws of the country in which they live, insofar as these do not go against God and their neighbor. “Mine was perfect obedience to the Divine Will, as it was shown and made known to me by the Jewish law and religion. To be careless in this is most displeasing to God and will be severely punished in the next world. "Let fathers also imitate my great purity of life and the deep respect I held for my Immaculate Spouse. Let them be an example to their children and fellowmen, never willfully doing anything that would cause scandal among God's people. “Fatherhood is from God, and it must take once again its rightful place among men." As St. Joseph ceased speaking I saw his most pure heart. It seemed to be lying on a cross which was of brown color. It appeared to me that at the top of the heart, in the midst of the flames pouring out, was a pure white lily. Then I heard these words: "Behold this pure heart so pleasing to Him Who made it." St. Joseph then continued: "The cross, my little one, upon which my heart rests is the cross of the passion, which was ever present before me, causing me intense suffering.”  I desire souls to come to my heart that they may learn true union with the Divine Will. “It is enough, my child; I will come again tomorrow. Then I will make known to you how God wishes me to be honored in union with Jesus and Mary to obtain peace among men and nations. Good night, my little one."


On the evening of the next day, March 19, 1958, St. Joseph again appeared to me as he had promised and addressed me in these words: "My child, I desire a day to be set aside to honor my fatherhood. "The privilege of being chosen by God to be the Virgin-Father of His Son was mine alone, and no honor, excluding that bestowed upon my Holy Spouse, was ever, or will ever, be as sublime or as high as this. "'The Holy Trinity desires thus to honor me that in my unique fatherhood all fatherhood might be blessed." Dear child, I was king in the little home of Nazareth, for I sheltered within it the Prince of Peace and the Queen of Heaven. To me they looked for protection and sustenance, and I did not fail them. “I received from them the deepest love and reverence, for in me they saw Him whose place I took over them." So the head of the family must be loved, obeyed, and respected, and in return be a true father and protector to those under his care. “In honoring in a special way my fatherhood, you also honor Jesus and Mary. The Divine Trinity has placed into our keeping the peace of the world. “The imitation of the Holy Family, my child, of the virtues we practiced in our little home at Nazareth is the way for all souls to that peace which comes from God alone and which none other can give" " Then suddenly, as he ceased speaking, I was favored with a unique and marvelous vision of the glorious St. Joseph. He seemed suspended, as it were, a short distance above what had the appearance of a large globe with clouds moving about it. His head was slightly raised, the eyes gazing upward as if in ecstasy. The hands were in a position similar to that of the priest during the celebration of Holy Mass, only they extended upward somewhat more. The color of his hair as also of his rather small and slightly forked beard seemed a very dark brown. His eyes resembled in color the hair and beard. He was clothed in a white robe that reached to his ankles. Over this he wore a sort of cloak which did not come together at the throat, but covering the shoulders and draped gracefully over each arm, reached to the hem of the robe. The cloak at times had, or seemed to have, the appearance of a brown, sometimes a purple, hue, or perhaps a slight blending of the two. The belt about his waist was of a gold color, as were his sandals. His appearance, though quite youthful, gave at the same time the impression of rare maturity combined with great strength. He seemed a bit taller than medium height. The lines of his face appeared strong and purposeful, softened somewhat by a gentle serenity. I also saw his most pure heart at this time, Moreover, I saw the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove hovering above his head. Standing sideways, facing each other, were two angels, one on the right, the other on the left. Each carried what appeared to be a small pillow in a satin covering, the pillow on the right bearing a gold crown, the one on the left, a gold scepter. The angels were all white, ever their faces and hair. It was a beautiful whiteness that reminded me of the stainlessness of heaven. Then I heard these words: "Thus should he be honored whom the King desires to honor.” When the vision ended, St. Joseph before taking leave spoke to me in the following manner: “The Holy Father need have no fear, for I have been appointed his special protector. As God chose me to be the special guardian of His Son, so has He chosen me as the special guardian of him who in Christ's Name is head of the Mystical Body of that same Son on earth. My special protection of the Holy Father and the Church should he made known to him. God wishes to make this known to him that he may receive thereby renewed consolation and encouragement. "During the war, little daughter, it was I who saved him from death at the hands of his enemies. Continually I watch over him and the Church, and I desire this to be acknowledged for the greater glory of God and the good of souls. "Lovely child, precious to the heart of your spiritual father, I will come again on the last Sunday of this month. Jesus and Mary will come also in a special visit. Receive my blessing," As I knelt down to receive it I felt his hands on my head and heard the words: “May Jesus and Mary through my hands bestow upon you eternal peace."


March 30, 1958, As he had promised, St. Joseph came again on March 30. His requests were similar to those of Our Lady and the First Saturday. The Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph have been chosen by the Most Holy Trinity to bring peace to the world; hence, their request for special love and honor, also, in particular, reparation and imitation. These are the words of St. Joseph as recorded on March 30: "I am the protector of the Church and the home, as I was the protector of Christ and His Mother while I lived upon earth. Jesus and Mary desire that my pure heart, so long hidden and unknown, be now honored in a special way. Let my children honor my most pure heart in a special manner on the First Wednesday of the month by reciting the Joyful Mysteries of the rosary in memory of my life with Jesus and Mary and the love I bore them, the sorrow I suffered with them. Let them receive Holy Communion in union with the love with which I received the Savior for the first time and each time I held Him in my arms. "Those who honor me in this way will be consoled by my presence at their death, and I myself will conduct them safely into the presence of Jesus and Mary." I will come again, little child of my most pure heart. Until then, continue in patience and humility, which is so pleasing to God." As St. Joseph had promised, Jesus and Mary also came on March 30. Jesus had the appearance of a boy about fifteen or sixteen year old. He spoke to me first. It was about the sanctification of the family and other matters. He said it would not be required of me to write it at this time, as He would ask this of me at a later date. Our Lady and St. Joseph also spoke to me concerning the same subject and also about the Divine Indwelling.


June 1958 In June 1958, several weeks after I had entered the Cloister, I was walking in the enclosure courtyard before going to prayer. I felt overwhelmed with a sense of frustration and heaviness of heart. As I gazed towards the heavens, Our Lady suddenly appeared to me as she had done on September 26, 1956. She said to me: "Do not be afraid. I will keep my promise. Everything will be all right. Do not fear." These words consoled me very much, and I went to prayer with a peaceful heart.


February 1959 On February 23, 1959, Our Lady came to me and admonished me to work on the “message'' as soon as possible so that it might be placed in the hands of the Bishops who would be responsible for its fulfillment. In a very serious manner Our Lady warned me that I must not delay any longer to do this, as the time is now. 

 July 18, 1959: Oh, the pride of souls! How they resist My grace! O My priests, My religious, what would I not do for you if you would only let me! I come daily laden with graces which you daily refuse.  What am I to say to you, my best beloved? How long will you resist My love? It is from you I expect everything, and you give Me but the husks of your affections. How long will I bear with you, O My chosen ones? How long will you spurn My approaches?

My little white dove, it was this ingratitude on the part of My priests and My religious that caused Me so much sorrow in My passion.  Oh, how they resist My grace! How they fight against My love! So fearful are they that I will deprive them of their tawdry trinkets that they turn their backs lest they see the reproach in My eyes.

December 20, 1959: Our Lady came to me again on December 20, 1959. These were her words to me as I understood them: O my child, tell your spiritual father [Bishop Leibold] that I come again to warn and to plead.​

See I weep, but my children show me no compassion. They behold the sword in my heart but will make no move to withdraw it. I give them love; they give me only ingratitude. 


Weep, then, dear child, weep with your Mother over the sins of men. Intercede with me before the throne of mercy, for sin is overwhelming the world and punishment is not far away.

April 4, 1960:

On April 4, 1960 a few minutes before one o’clock in the afternoon Our Lady came to me with the request that I write down the following words as the expression of her further desires and send it to Your Grace as quickly as possible.

 “Tell His Grace, my beloved son, that it is through the medal that he will receive the sign for which he asks. I ask him to have the medal struck and distributed everywhere and he will receive not only the one sign for which he has asked but so many, so many that he will have cause to be greatly astonished. My child, God works often through little and humble things and such instruments should never be despised but accepted and used with love and gratitude. It will be through the medal that God’s Will will be manifested and glorified and my desires carried out to the very end. I place my confidence in my faithful sons, the Bishops, who will not fail to take up my cause and make it bear much fruit for sanctification among so many and countless souls. Send this word then to my beloved son, the Archbishop, and have no fear sweet child for I will keep my promise for I am the ever faithful Virgin.”


April 6, 1960

As I hesitated to do Our Lady’s bidding immediately because of certain doubts and fears concerning the reception of this message, Our Lady came to me again in the early morning hours of April 6, 1960 and after gently reproaching me for my lack of confidence, told me not to delay in sending you the words she had bade me write. Before leaving she said, “My children must know my desires. Our Lady put a strong emphasis on these last works. In this latter vision. Contrary to her other appearances she was surrounded with so brilliant a light that her garments seemed to be made of a gold texture rather than white, or perhaps of a sparkling hue of white intermingled with a glitter of gold. I don’t know how to describe this brilliance in any other way.


April 24, 1961

(The then archbishop has since passed away. Bishop Leibold who succeeded him then carried out Our Lady’s request).

If my desires are not fulfilled much suffering will come to this Land.


June 25, 1967

My child, I come again for men have not changed their lives. Their sins cry to heaven for punishment. I hold out help, they will not receive it. I show them the way to peace but they only spurn the efforts of my love. It is late sweet child, oh how late!


February 22, 1972

When a picture or statue of myself as Our Lady of America is placed in the home and honored there, then will my Son bless His people with peace. Believe in me, dear child, believe in me my love will never fail you.


September 18, 1972

Your shield is faith, you are clothed in the white robe of purity and the sword you hold is love. Have no fear, little sister, for we are behind you and around you to be your help at all times. St. Michael.


November 18, 1976

The protector of America – The Archangel Sardus

The protector of the U.S. A. – The Angel Sultra


July 18, 1980

Sweet child, beloved of my Son and cherished by me, my message has not been heeded nor have I yet found one to further the cause of renewal within. The Presence of the trinity within every human being is the focal point, the basis of interior holiness. From this will spring a deep life of prayer and a love for penance as the discipline needed to convert all peoples to a serious preparation for the coming of my Son and His Kingdom.

Dear child, there are those of my children who are faithful, among these are my priests and religious who live a life of prayer and dedication to the work of my Son. What a consolation they are to me, with what joy I watch them furthering the Kingdom. But there must be more of such self-sacrificing souls, many, many, more. Until this comes to pass, peace will not come, rather much more of suffering will encompass the world. I wish to spare my children from this, but I cannot do it without their help.

You must try to make my people understand that the life of God within them is the source of their peace and happiness. There is other way. This is what my Son came to teach and bring and it was for this He lived and died. Unless this mystery of God’s Presence within is accepted and lived, peace will not come. It is the only way, believe me, my daughter.


August 14, 1980

Beloved daughter, you are not being accepted because you are a small one. But in the end all will come as I desire. Those who oppose you will receive light to understand. These good people mean well and if they are in authority it is for you to listen respectfully and obey. I will speak to them in their hearts and the Divine Spirit who make all things clear will give them wisdom and understanding. In the end they will do as I wish. So, have patience, dear one, it will happen as I have said and those who have opposed me will become my most ardent and courageous supporters. Until this comes to pass, wait in trust, knowing that I never fail those who place their confidence in me. My Son blesses you, be at peace.


September 19, 1980

Dear one, the medal itself will not work miracles, but the stronger the faith in what the medal signifies the greater the potential for the miracles that are being prayed for. If miracles do not happen, it is because a string faith is lacking. Remember my promises. If there is failure it is not on my part. I am always faithful.

Dear child, I give my blessing and that of my Son for whose glory I work and intercede, upon my faithful and devoted priest-son. Edmund, my beloved daughter, Clara, and all who help to promote my cause which is also that of my Son, Jesus, for peace among the Father’s family of children which encompasses the whole world. Tell my faithful ones this to give them courage. I am pleased with their efforts and stand by them at all times.


November 22, 1980

Beloved daughter, the United States is a small one among nations, yet has it not been said that ‘a little child shall lead them’? It is the United States that is to lead the world to peace, the peace of Christ, the peace that He brought with Him from heaven in His birth as man in the little town of Bethlehem. The Savior did not come to enter this world in a big city but a small town, again, a little one among many.  Dear child, unless the United States accepts and carries out faithfully the mandate given to it by heaven to lead the world to peace, there will come upon it and all nations a great havoc of war and incredible suffering. If, however, the United States is faithful to this mandate from heaven and yet fails in the pursuit of peace because the rest of the world will not accept or co-operate then the United Sates will not be burdened with the punishment about to fall.

I was afraid that the burden of leadership would be too great for the United States without some special help from heaven. Our Lady assured me that Michael and the whole army of Blessed Spirits will give their assistance at all times. As the Queen of Angels she has loving command over them and they accomplish whatever she wishes. This made me feel better and the fears that I had left me.


December 10, 1980

Beloved daughter, how many let wisdom guide them through life. This is a serious mistake that will cause much suffering. Unless human wisdom is guided and saturated by Divine Wisdom, it is a helpless yet dangerous tool in human hands. Helpless because it lacks understanding and true knowledge, dangerous because it leads to wrong paths of darkness where the only light is false like a mirage in the desert.


January 23, 1981

Dear child, the danger is imminent, there is no time to lose. Tell my faithful ones who are working so diligently for my cause that I am most grateful but urge them to do all in their power to continue even in the midst of sacrifice and suffering. They will not be alone in their struggle. Myself, with the holy angels, will be always with them to help, fight and encourage. Get this message to them quickly as the time is shorter than ever.


February 11, 1981

What I detect most strongly in some of the messages, especially the latest ones, is the shortness of time allotted to us to pray and make the necessary sacrifices to bring about word peace. There is an urgency about Our Lady and when she speaks which leaves no doubts as to the closeness of the terrible purification that is about to fall upon all nations. Every one of us knows, in a personal way, the sacrifices expected of us. This is a responsibility to be decided upon by each individual and carried out in that manner with love and trust in God’s mercy. God never fails those who put all their love and trust in Him. We have nothing to fear then if we do our part. But we must begin now because time is running out.

If possible, the family rosary should be prayed every day with as many members of the family who may be present.

The prayer, To the Immaculate Conception. Patroness of the United States should be prayed once a day and perhaps more than once if this can be done.


It is evident that the Forces of Evil are enveloping the world. Their hatred, however, is now particularly focused on the United States because of the Divine Mandate given to it to lead the world to peace.


April 3, 1981

 “Beloved daughter, to many the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass no longer has meaning. These have lost that spiritual sensitivity of reaching out and touching the wounded hand of my Son. In a special way, during the Holy Sacrifice Jesus comes in close contact with those who meet Him in a profound act of faith in a deep sense of His Divine and human presence. It is a great loss when one loses the spiritual sight of the Son that the Father sent to guide us into the Eternal Vision.”


Holy Saturday, April 18, 1981

 “Dear child, evil is so insidious that it often passes for good. The simple and pure of heart alone can detect the difference. Many good works and many a good person or persons are thwarted and destroyed by apparently good people who are manipulated by the powers of evil because they do not possess that finer sense of being able to detect a false spirit from a true one.”


Our Lord, July 13, 1981

 “My faithful spouse, the world does not know me. My people do not know me. I am a stranger to them. Many claim to love me yet hate and kill their neighbor and say they do it in My Name. These listen to the false prophets who are manipulated by the powers of evil. Me they do not follow, Me they do not hear. The Bible, the Gospels are to them just so many words that they throw out to those hungering to know about the real Christ who seeks their love, who holds out the true meaning of the Gospels, the only One who can lead them to the Father. With the same tongue with which these benighted souls praise and proclaim their love and dedication to Me they curse and condemn their neighbor whom I redeemed as I did them.

Many unnatural acts are being committed in the name of love. This evil is being disguised and tolerated as an intrinsic right like any other. Even some of My priests and consecrated virgins are being caught up into this web of evil, not realizing its terrible consequences.

My dearest one, many false doctrines are being taught and for many the true Christ is never made known. The false prophets and self-proclaimed Messiahs are drawing many away from Me, the Way, the Truth and the Life. I am the true Messiah who was sent and the only one proclaimed as such by My Father. Seek Me for I only am truth, I only am the Christ.”

Guardian and Protector of the U. S. of America

Angel Sultra – Power of God

A Vision of Light

August 22, 1981

Tall, immensely so, a figure enveloped in light, brilliant, whiter than white, a circlet of what looked like stars about his head. Eyes, too, shining with the same inner light, could not make out any color. In the right hand it held a gigantic sword tipped with a searing white flame. In the left hand were held bolts of lightning that pierced all the environs of the universe. On the right shoulder of this extraordinary being perched a pure, white dove. From the right shoulder down to the waist towards the left side was a sort of medium wide band on which was printed, Power of God. At first the letters revealed themselves in black. Then when I recognized what the letters were they changed to such a color of gold light I could barely make them out.

Addressing me as “My sister”, this glorious being explained who It was:

“I am the Angel Sultra, sent by the Almighty whose faithful servant I am, to help the people of God in their hour of need. I have been appointed guardian, protector and defender of the United States of America whose people honor and love the Immaculate Virgin, the Queen of Angels and have dedicated their land to Her.

If the people of this Land carry out faithfully the instructions and pleadings of the Lord Jesus and the Virgin Mother then they will be following me to the hour of peace. With this sword of the Divine white flame of Love and the lightning bolts of His infinite Justice God will strike down his enemies and heal the repentant sinner. This Nation and all who follow in the pursuit of peace will know the protection of God and the destruction of those who fight and seek to destroy them through the evil powers of the infernal spirits of darkness and hate.

Follow me, people of God, brothers and sisters, as our Queen paves the way and the peace of the Lord will reign once more upon the earth.”

Guardian and Protector of America

Archangel Sardus – Strength of God

A Vision of Light

August 22, 1981

The Archangel Sardus also came at this time. The description of this pure Spirit was the same as the Angel Sultra except for a small number of differences. Circling the head were like bright globes of light. The band across from right shoulder to waist had printed on it, “Strength of God,” revealed in black first then changed to a golden light. In the right hand this glorious being seemed to be holding shafts of light. In the left hand, chains of enormous size and weight. Addressing me also as, “My sister,” this celestial being spoke these words:

“I am the Archangel Sardus, Protector, Guardian and Defender of America whose soil is saturated with martyrs’ blood and honors so highly the Queen of Heaven and Her holy Spouse who work only to further the Kingdom of Jesus.

With these shafts of light God seeks out and binds with eternal chains the evil powers and those who have sold themselves to these enemies of God and His people. They who are chained to habits of sin through weakness but have hearts filled with guilt and repentance will have their chains broken so that they will be free once more to love and serve their Maker

Listen to the words and warnings of the Queen of Heaven and you will experience my protection and I will fight in your defense that with the people of all Nations you can at last come to the peace of the Kingdom which is within you.”

Both these blessed Spirits seemed to be composed of light. I could barely see any form. Their garments were of dazzling whiteness, their voices were not like any other ever heard, not audible except to the inner hearing which is indescribable.

I was further informed that these two mighty Spirits would fight together side by side aided by an army of their companion Spirits.

The following messages were spoken by Our Lady during the years 1982 and 1983.

“Beloved daughter, sweet child, there are those in high places in the Church who disobeys and refuse respect to my Son’s Vicar on earth.  These betray the teachings inspired by the Divine Spirit sent by my Son to be with the Church ‘til the end of time.

“There are those who teach false doctrines, and those who repudiate the Holy Sacraments.  They are filled with intellectual pride. And so refusing to follow my humble Son, they are destroyed together with those who misguidedly follow them down the path of error and false hood. Pray for these poor ones who do not realize the misery and wretchedness they are in and to which they have and are leading others.

“Beloved daughter there is no true love unless there is sacrifice. A selfish heart cannot love because it is filled with self and so has no room for love. My precious one, if self-love be true, it contains within itself the love of all and ignores no one.

“Your love then becomes God-love because it embraces and contains the love of everyone. Heed this sweet child, then you will despise no one, no matter water their conduct might be. The Heart of my Son is opened to anyone who wishes to enter and is closed to none.


“Be at peace, my daughter, I am always with you.

Beloved daughter, there is so much untruth in the truth that is sought . Truth comes from Him who has been sent by my Son, the Spirit who is truth. Pay continuously to be guided by this Spirit who is the true enlightenment.

“Many are those who seek truth from spirits who are false and lead only to a greater ignorance and a worse destruction.  The Divine Spirit abides in my Son Jesus and is sent by Him. All other spirits are only true in Him, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.”

“Beware of any spirit which does not abide in the Holy Spirit and does not receive power and light from Him. Meditate on this often, dear child, so that only the Spirit of Truth may abide in you and be the light of your journey to the Father.

“Have confidence, dear one, I am you Mother and will never leave you.”

When our Dear Mother comes, it is always, with few exceptions, dressed in pure white. This time it was in December. She held in Her hands an open book. I received the impression that it was the Holy Scriptures, and written across the whole, the words: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.”

Then our Lady spoke:

“Dear one, the misuse of the tongue, the power of speech is a terrible evil. From it comes hatreds of every kind – blasphemies, murders of the born and the unborn, the old and the unwanted. It is the tongue, speaking words of destruction, corruption and deceit, that has caused and is causing to a most frightening degree the chaos that is happening among all men and nations.

“The Word of God becomes Man spoke words of healing, forgiveness, kindness and compassion. He spoke harshly only of and to those who by their pride and deceit were leading His people astray.

“With His tongue, He glorified the Father and gave hope and confidence to His people. Use your tongue, O my dear children, to praise the Trinity within you, to tell of the glory of Him who lives in you, and through you desires to speak words of wisdom, kindness and compassion. Do not prevent the Holy One from doing good through you by using your tongue as an instrument of evil.”

“O my children, you still aren’t listening. I see the destruction coming but you do not believe me. You can stem this tide of suffering if you at last do as I’ve been asking of you for so long. Renew your hearts, your spirits, by seeking and following the light of the Holy Spirit within yourselves and in the teachings of the Holy Church.”

“The Divine Spirit is there but you are continuing in your blindness and so blotting out the Divine Light and closing your ears to eternal truth. I beg of you to heed my voice or there will be no more time for you to turn back the Divine Wrath. I weep for you because I love you and wish, my dear children, to spare you this terrible suffering. Listen and pity your Mother”

Our dear Mother came once more in January 3rd, 1984 with this final message.

I asked Our Lady today when she came: “Dear Mother, will there be a nuclear war? Everyone is so afraid.”

She answered:

“My faithful one, if my warnings are taken seriously and enough of my children strive constantly and faithfully to renew and reform themselves in their inward and outward lives, then there will be no nuclear war.

“What happens to the world depends upon those who live in it. There must be much more good than evil prevailing in order to prevent the holocaust that is so near approaching.

“Yet I tell you, my daughter, even should such a destruction happen because there were not enough souls who took my warning seriously, there will remain a remnant - untouched by the chaos who, having been faithful in following me and spreading my warnings, will gradually inhabit the earth again with their dedicated and holy lives.”

“These will renew the earth in the power and light of the Holy Spirit. These faithful ones of my children will be under my protection and that of the Holy Angels, and they will partake of the life of the Divine Trinity in a most remarkable way.

Let my dear children know this, precious daughter, so that they will have no excuse if they fail to heed my warnings.”

“Be at peace, dear one. I will never leave you.”

From this final message, I received the very strong impression that Our Lady was telling us that She had done everything She could do to help and warn us. Now it was up to us. Whatever happens we will have brought on ourselves so whatever we decide and do now  is our responsibility.

Our Lady, however, will not forsake us because we are Her children and She loves us.

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