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Protector of the U.S.A. - Power of God

Sultra Absolute Final 20x16.jpg

Below is an excerpt from Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil's diary.


August 22, 1981

In Sister Mildred Neuzil's Dairy it says that the Angel Sultra is Tall, immensely so, a figure enveloped in light, brilliant, whiter than white, a circlet of what looked like stars about the head. Eyes, too, shining with the same inner light, could not make out any color. In its right hand it held a gigantic sword tipped with a searing white flame. In the left hand were held bolts of lightning that pierced all the environs of the universe. On the right shoulder of this extraordinary being perched pure, white dove. From the right shoulder down to the waist towards the left side was a sort of medium wide band on which was printed, Power of God. At first the letters revealed themselves in black. Then when I recognized what the letters  were they changed to such a color of gold light I could barely make them out. 

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