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Guardian and Protector of America - Strength of God

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Below is an excerpt from Sister Mildred Mary Neuzil's diary. 

August 22, 1981

The Archangel Sardus also came at this time. The description of this pure Spirit was the same as the Angel Sultra except for a small number of differences. Circling the head were like bright globes of light. The band across from right shoulder to waist had printed on it, “Strength of God,” revealed in black first then changed to a golden light. In the right hand this glorious being seemed to be holding shafts of light. In the left hand, chains of enormous size and weight. Addressing me also as, “My sister,” this celestial being spoke these words:

“I am the Archangel Sardus, Protector, Guardian and Defender of America whose soil is saturated with martyrs’ blood and honors so highly the Queen of Heaven and Her holy Spouse who work only to further the Kingdom of Jesus.

With these shafts of light God seeks out and binds with eternal chains the evil powers and those who have sold themselves to these enemies of God and His people. They who are chained to habits of sin through weakness but have hearts filled with guilt and repentance will have their chains broken so that they will be free once more to love and serve their Maker.

Listen to the words and warnings of the Queen of Heaven and you will experience my protection and I will fight in your defense that with the people of all Nations you can at last come to the peace of the Kingdom which is within you.”

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